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The seat that keeps you neat

Stadium seat with trash underneath

Once there were a couple of really big baseball fans. Their dedication to the game was legendary. Soon they were married and it wasn’t long before some pint-sized fans were born. Happy to now be able to make the games a real family outing, they packed up bottles, wipes, snacks, sunscreen, jackets, umbrella, cell phone, etc. and headed out.

When they reached the stadium, babes in arms, bags on shoulders, they made their way to their seats —crunching and splashing their way across a sea of laps. When they finally settled into their designated spots, they discovered that their laps just weren’t big enough for a babe and a bag of tricks (or the much anticipated hot dog). They looked down. The aisle space was sort of clean but it was the aisle. Then they looked under their seats and were greeted by beer spilled from the row behind, crushed peanuts, melted ice cream and all of the various accoutrements of the game. Ugh.

So as their bags soaked in the game —along with the family— an idea was formed. A bag that works specifically with professional stadium seating, stays put for cushioning and keeps your stuff out of the rough. Ah-ha!

The stuff has changed as the babes grew into kids and then teenagers. Mom and Dad still love having a cushioned seat, a place to keep their jackets neat and clean, a stow pocket where sunglasses don’t get broken, and wallets and car keys don’t get lost. And the kids now have their own packs that they stuff full of snacks and souvenirs!

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